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TestFactoryT< T, ImplT >::TcontinuationT Class Reference

Templated base class for test continuation. More...

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ContinuationT< int > Continuation

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class  _C_rtn
 Test return closure. More...
class  _C_test
 Test closure. More...

Public Member Functions

 TcontinuationT (const z::string &name, zbl::TestResult &tr)
 Default constructor.
 TcontinuationT (const TcontinuationT &src)
 Copy constructor.

Private Member Functions

virtual void clone (zbl::Continuation::Ptr &continuation) const
 Create a clone of current continuation.
void init ()
 Initialize continuation.

Private Attributes

_C_test _test
 Instance of test closure.
_C_rtn _rtn
 Instance of return closure.

Detailed Description

template<typename T, typename ImplT>
class ztl::TestFactoryT< T, ImplT >::TcontinuationT

Templated base class for test continuation.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

TcontinuationT ( const TcontinuationT src) [inline]

Copy constructor.

srcSource instance

Member Function Documentation

virtual void clone ( zbl::Continuation::Ptr continuation) const [inline, private, virtual]

Create a clone of current continuation.

continuationAutoptr for new instance

Implements Continuation.

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