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Node Class Reference

Abstract base class for all Ast nodes. More...

#include <Ast.hpp>

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BlockBase Closure ClosureList DictItem EnumMemberDefList Expr ExprList GrammarLexer GrammarLexerList GrammarMember GrammarMemberList GrammarOption GrammarOptionList GrammarOptionValueList GrammarStatement GrammarStatementList GrammarToken GrammarTokenList ImplItem ImportStatement Invoker InvokerType LexerStatementList ListBase< ItemT > ListItem QualifiedType Scope Splice Statement StatementList StructDefList StructInitItem StructInitList SwitchLabel SwitchLabelList TypeSpec VariableDef VariableDefListBase VariableRefList ListBase< DictItem > ListBase< ListItem >

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Public Member Functions

virtual ~Node ()
 Destructor for abstract base class.

Protected Member Functions

 Node ()
 Constructor for abstract base class.

Detailed Description

Abstract base class for all Ast nodes.

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