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InvokerType Class Reference

Holds a function or functor call. More...

#include <Ast.hpp>

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class  Visitor
 InvokerType Visitor interface class. More...

Public Member Functions

const FunctionDefgetFunctionDef () const
 Returns the FunctionDef of the function being called.
virtual void visit (Visitor &visitor) const =0
 Abstract visitor function.

Protected Member Functions

 InvokerType (const FunctionDef &functionDef)
 Default constructor.

Private Attributes

const FunctionDef_functionDef
 Reference to the FunctionDef being invoked.

Detailed Description

Holds a function or functor call.

InvokerType is the base class for the different types of invocations For example:

  • Invoking a function call
  • Invoking the functor object

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

InvokerType ( const FunctionDef functionDef) [inline, protected]

Default constructor.

functionDefAST node of function definition to be invoked.

Member Function Documentation

const FunctionDef& getFunctionDef ( ) const [inline]

Returns the FunctionDef of the function being called.

The function definition node.
virtual void visit ( Visitor visitor) const [pure virtual]

Abstract visitor function.

visitorThe visitor object.

Implemented in FunctionCall, FunctorCall, FunctionDefCall, and FunctionImplCall.

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