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Zen runtime classes. More...

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class  Tracer
 Class for tracing enter and leave of functions. More...
class  Runner
 Base class for runners. More...
class  Linker
 Linker type runners. More...
class  Joiner
 Joiner type runners. More...
class  Closure
 Base class for closures. More...
struct  Closure::Action
 Enumeration of actions to be taken after running the closure. More...
class  Continuation
 Base class for continuations. More...
class  ContinuationList
 Continuation list. More...
class  RunContext
 RunContext class. More...
class  Fiber
 Fiber class. More...
class  TestResult
 Test result class. More...
class  TestFactory
 Base class for test factories. More...
class  Engine
 Engine class. More...


namespace  zbl

zbl namespace


 To display names of functions as they are called.


z::streamdlog ()
 Get reference to debug log stream.
z::streammlog ()
 Get reference to messages log stream.
z::streamwlog ()
 Get reference to warnings log stream.
z::streamelog ()
 Get reference to error log stream.

Detailed Description

Zen runtime classes.

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