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TypeSpecRefWriter::Format Struct Reference

Defines the output format for types. More...

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Public Types

enum  T { None, Import, InParam, ClosureMember }

The enumeration values.


Detailed Description

Defines the output format for types.

This is typically used to change type qualifiers. Mapping for writing in-param:

        qtype => in-param
        const int& x => const int& x;
        const int  x => const int& x;
              int  x => const int& x;
              int& x =>       int& x;

Deduce whether in-param is a const-ref based on above logic. The in-param should be a const-ref for all qtypes other than a nonconst-ref.

Member Enumeration Documentation

enum T

The enumeration values.


Normal format, no change to output format.


Writing to import file.


generate output as in-param using logic given in description

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