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UnaryOpExpr Class Reference

Base class for all unary expression AST nodes. More...

#include <Ast.hpp>

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Expr Node PostfixOpExpr PrefixOpExpr

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Public Member Functions

const z::stringgetOp () const
 Returns the operator of the expression.
const ExprgetExpr () const
 Returns the operand expression.

Protected Member Functions

 UnaryOpExpr (const QualifiedType &type, const z::string &op, const Expr &expr)
 Default constructor.

Private Attributes

const z::string _op
 The operator.
const Expr_expr
 The operand expression.

Detailed Description

Base class for all unary expression AST nodes.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

UnaryOpExpr ( const QualifiedType type,
const z::string op,
const Expr expr 
) [inline, protected]

Default constructor.

typeExpression type
opThe operator of the expression
exprThe operand expression

Member Function Documentation

const Expr& getExpr ( ) const [inline]

Returns the operand expression.

The operand expression
const z::string& getOp ( ) const [inline]

Returns the operator of the expression.

The operator

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