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TypeDef Class Reference

Base class for typedef definitions. More...

#include <Ast.hpp>

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Public Member Functions

 TypeDef (const AccessType::T &accessType, const z::string &name, const NativeType &ntype, const Ast::QualifiedType &type)
 Default constructor.
const Ast::QualifiedTypegetTargetType () const
 Returns the type that this typedef refers to.

Private Member Functions

virtual void visit (TypeSpec::Visitor &visitor) const
 Visitor pattern implementation.

Private Attributes

const Ast::QualifiedType_type
 The referred type.

Detailed Description

Base class for typedef definitions.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

TypeDef ( const AccessType::T accessType,
const z::string name,
const NativeType ntype,
const Ast::QualifiedType type 
) [inline]

Default constructor.

accessTypeThe AccessType for this typedef definition
nameName of this typedef definition
ntypeThe NativeType of this typedef definition.
typeThe QualifiedType that this typedef refers to.

Member Function Documentation

const Ast::QualifiedType& getTargetType ( ) const [inline]

Returns the type that this typedef refers to.

The referred type
void visit ( TypeSpec::Visitor visitor) const [private, virtual]

Visitor pattern implementation.

visitorThe visitor object.

Implements TypeSpec.

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